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I am a Zimbabwean who is a permanent resident of New Zealand after coming to New Zealand in July 2007. I am currently (in 2011) studying for the Bachelor of Occupational Therapy degree at Otago Polytechnic (second year), Wintec Avalon Drive Campus in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Participation in Occupation 2: Sixth (and last) Posting - enjoying my guitar and ambience

In class last week, we were divided into groups based on our chosen activities. My guitar playing was classed under the framework of PLAY. I will here refer to the first year 'Adaptive Living Occupation BT 127001' Moodle notes on the subject of PLAY under GAMES whose first part states that "Play is more than a mere physiological phenomenon or a physiological reflex. It goes beyond the confines of purely physical or purely biological activity." There is sense and something 'at play' with play which imparts meaning to it.

With reference to my chosen activity of playing the guitar, these same Moodle notes go on to say that "Play is easily recognised but not easily defined...it takes many forms (including games, performing instrumental music, drama and theatrical performances). It is difficult to say exactly what it is. As indicated in the quote above...takes a cultural view of play and links it with the arts, drama, ritual, feasts and other cultural performances."

Playing the ukulele (small guitar) out in the country, enjoying nature's serenity


I also visited Raglan beach with my family and we had 2 guitars that we played just like the guy in the video below.



Ferguson, Manser & Pickering (2000, p. 26) defines ambience as "...atmosphere, surroundings, environment, setting, milieu, aura, mood, feeling, vibes, tenor, spirit."

When I am playing my guitar, this ambience may be determined and conveyed by the mood and feelings I have myself. This may also be determined by the mood in the atmosphere in a room, venue, geographical area etc. If I play and strum my guitar aggressively like a heavy metal music guitarist, I produce a euphoric mood or atmosphere which would be the opposite of what I would achieve playing a laid back jazz or country folk song on the same guitar. A good example is the way the great song 'Candle in the wind' by Sir Elton John emotionally affected the whole world during Princess Diana's funeral. Even now, long after that funeral, just strumming that song on the guitar brings sorrowful tears to many.

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NOTE: I have tried unsuccessfully to hang indent my reference list below in 'Blogger.'


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  1. Hi Goldhelp, I am loving all your video links, especially your personal one, how cool, playing a guitar I can not do, so appreciate those that can. Well done.
    I don't have any suggests for you :)

  2. Hey Godhelp, yes Im inspired too by your talent. You could possibly pop within your last and final blog afew comments from other student about your blog and comments that you have made to other students blogs. Cara :)

  3. Thank you Heather.
    Thank you Cara.
    I have immediately started working on your advice and there should be a great change in my last posting by the end of today.

  4. Hae Godhelp. Really enjoyed this post and the ways you choose to participate in this activity (going to raglan)and I can see that playing the guitar is very meaningful to you. I also liked how you have linked it well to PLAY and your quote "Play is easily recognised but not easily defined". Well done :)

  5. Hi Victoria
    I am glad you found some things worth admiring on my blog. I am really into guitar playing and music in general which I believe everyone enjoys at different levels. I plan to also visit your blog and see what you have for us. Thank you.

  6. Hi Godhelp,

    I like how you have used you tube to make relevance to the content on your blog.

    Cheers Divika

  7. Hi Godhelp,

    I really enjoyed all the video links you have posted, and I think connects things really well. I feel like it's quite easy to read your blog, but perhaps some bolder titles might make it stand out?


  8. I will try out the bold titles and see how it looks. Thank you Chloe.

  9. hi Mr.Nyashanu...can i please have your email adress..i would like to email you something that MIGHT trigger your interests.

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