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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Tutorial 8: Assistive Technology


It is "...any product, instrument or strategy, service and practice used by people with disabilities and older people - specially produced or generally available - to prevent, compensate, relieve or neutralise the impairment, disability or handicap, and improve the individual's autonomy and quality of life" (Pain, McLellan & Gore, 2003, p. 14)

To me, Assistive Technology refers to any equipment/devices that helps disabled people enhance the performance of their activities for daily living, be it personal cares, work, or leisure. This brings into focus items such as wheelchairs (including power chairs), walking frames, talking diaries, Hi-vis keyboards, braille, educational software, etc.

The video below answers a few questions about assistive technology


Describe one piece of equipment introduced in the assistive technology tutorial.
Talking Diary/Album
Below is an explanation on how the talking photo album could be used


This is in the format of a photo album. All the pages have a record button with a microphone used to give verbal audio instructions accompanied by an appropriate relevant guiding picture that gives a cue to a person with memory problems on stages of processes such as cooking a meal.

This device can cost a much as $130 and comes in A3 and A5 sizes. Occupational capacity of the user is enhanced because all the client needs to remember is to play it back and follow instructions and all occupations will be attended to. This website http://www.starmobility.co.nz/ has this and other forms of assisstive equipment.

"Talking Photo Album - A3

Level 2 assistive technology device to assist child with morning routine.


"Combine literacy and ICT with this Talking Photo Album.

Leading on from the popular A5 Talking Photo Album, TTS bring you a bigger A3 sized album with all the same recording features, plus a loud speaker and larger visual area for children to display their stories and work.

The Talking Photo Album supports speaking and listening on the new Literacy framework especially focusing on photo sequences, presentations, hiding and revealing pictures and word recognition.

Record your stories, timetables or messages with the Talking Photo Album. Simply insert drawings or photographs into the plastic wallets and record up to a 10 second message on every page.

Each individual voice message can be played back at any time, simply with a push of a button" http://www.starmobility.co.nz/


Guitar playing for the blind



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