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I am a Zimbabwean who is a permanent resident of New Zealand after coming to New Zealand in July 2007. I am currently (in 2011) studying for the Bachelor of Occupational Therapy degree at Otago Polytechnic (second year), Wintec Avalon Drive Campus in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Participation in Occupation 2: First posting


ACTIVITY: Playing the guitar.

Guitar playing is the activity that I will be exploring this time around. It is something I learnt to play during my primary school years in the seventies and have enjoyed playing ever since. I can spend hours on end playing the guitar alone, with my sons or with friends at home, at the beach or out in the country whilst enjoying the scenery.



Playing the Guitar


Key points about what it really means to me.

Two things:

1. Time out alone for me, strumming on the guitar and singing familiar songs, chilling out, relaxing, de-stressing and calming my nerves whilst entertaining myself or friends.

2. Playing with others as a group or band with other additional instruments such as drums, keyboards, bongos, congas, chimes and other guitars. This as part of socialising or at Church as part of religious worship.

Personal experience of doing the activity (include mindfulness).

I sometimes have to listen to a song numerous times before I attempt to play it. Attempting to play it may also take me hours of patient practice until I master it. This helps in building a mind that can concentrate for long periods.

Mindfulness - I can sometimes play my guitar whilst simultaneously having a conversation or watching a TV programme.

As an OT student, what it means to me in terms of occupational activity

Playing guitar benefits in terms of occupation:

1. Cognitive exercise of the mind as a lot of concentration and patience is needed to master just one 3 minute song.

2. Entertaining self and others and helping others in praise and worship in a Church service.

3. Exercising the distal hand muscles and fine motor skills for someone rehabilitating or just strengthening these muscles.

NOTE: The great musician Julio Iglesias first started playing a guitar as rehabilitation after a very bad car accident.